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How to Write a Finance Dissertation

Finance dissertation gives information about management of funds in a certain organization. Finance dissertation also gives more details of constituents of financial system.  Finance dissertation takes a minimum of six months for it to come into completion.  You are supposed to be well equipped with finances knowledge before writing finance dissertation. When it comes to writing finance dissertation, there is no much difference since it follows same procedure used in any other kind of dissertation.  You must familiarize yourself well with procedure of writing dissertation before engaging in writing of finance dissertation.   When writing finance dissertation, first step is choosing a topic. Students are advised to choose topics which have wide range of research.   Note that choice of topic determines continuity of your research. Avoid complicated topics which have narrow research space. Second step is outlining plan for your finance dissertation. Proper outline of your finance dissertation helps you arrange your ideas in an organized way thus bringing about systematic flow.  After drawing your finance dissertation outline, carry out research from various sources in order to gather adequate information.  It is more advisable to rely on relevant sources only in order to gather relevant information only.  Journals, magazines, newspapers and library books are examples of materials where information can be gathered from.  When carrying out research, it is advisable to write down important points which you come on the way in order to use it when it comes to writing. Note author of the book, date of publication and page where information was collected in order to assist you when it comes to citation. After carrying out research, sit down and write actual finance dissertation using information gathered during research period.  Your ideas should be arranged in an organized way in order to bring about systematic flow thus ease reader understands.  A good finance dissertation should contain:-

Title page: - your college will give you guidelines on how your title page should look like. In normal situation, dissertation consist of  student’s name, name of institution, supervisor’s name, title of your dissertation, course name, department name and date of submission. 

Abstract:-  it is the summary of all dissertation including findings and conclusion.   These sections are summarized in the order which they follow one another in dissertation. Each section in dissertation is summarized into one or two sentences.

Introduction:-  it comprises of one paragraph only. Introduction contains thesis statement which is main argument in whole dissertation. Introduction part also gives background information of dissertation. It should be clear and specific.

Literature review:- it gives more  information  on topic. It gives more details of your dissertation topic.

Methodology:- explains in details the methodology used when carrying out research. It also gives reason why certain methodology was preferred and its repercussions.

Findings:- findings which were obtained after applying a particular research method are summarized in this section.  Findings can be presented using graphs, pie charts or even tables.

Conclusion:- all the ideas in dissertation are pulled together in conclusion part.   Ideas are summarized in only one paragraph.

References: gives the list of sources where information was gathered from. Sources should be formatted according to instructions given. 

After writing your finance dissertation, format it according to instructions given.  APA, MLA, OSCOLA and Harvard are examples of citation styles which are used to format finance dissertation.  Finally proofread your finance dissertation in order to make necessary corrections.  Make sure that your finance dissertation has no grammatical errors and sentences are well constructed

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