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How to Write a Finance Thesis

Finance thesis is normally written by students in higher level of education. Finance thesis gives information concerning management of fund in organization. Thorough research must be carried out in order to gather sufficient information.  Finance thesis takes around six months to come into completion therefore you are supposed to spare most of your time when it comes to finance thesis writing.  Finance thesis must be well organized in order to ease understanding of a reader.  Use financial language when writing finance thesis and keywords should be well incorporated. When writing finance thesis, you must be familiar with procedure followed. To begin with, choose a suitable topic for your finance thesis. Understand your finance thesis well and formulate thesis statement from it.   After formulating thesis statement, carry out research from various sources in order to gather adequate information. When carrying out research, do not rely much on old sources but make use of recent sources as they will update you in recent financial status. Carry out research from relevant sources to ensure that you have obtained relevant information only.  Journals, newspapers, magazines and internet are examples of sources where information can be collected from. You can also formulate questioners and conduct interviews   to relevant individuals t obtain more information. After research, write down your finance thesis in an organized manner.  Your finance thesis should have title page, table of content, abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, findings and discussion, conclusion and reference page.  Normally title page is designed by your tutor the way it should appear.  Table of contents contains list of chapters and sub-chapters found in the whole finance thesis in addition to page numbers which follow each other consecutively. Abstract of finance thesis normally summarizes the whole finance thesis.  It is written as the last chapter after writing whole finance thesis. Introduction of finance thesis should be written using convincing language in order to convince a reader in reading rest of your finance thesis.  Literature review is the largest part of finance thesis.  It contains information which supports thesis statement in introduction part.  A lot of research must be carried out in order to obtain information necessary for writing literature review.  Methods used in obtaining of information are outlined in methodology part. State reasons why you preferred to use certain methods in data collection also stating impacts of these methods.   Discuss results obtained after applying certain method in results and discussion chapter.  Results can be interpreted using tables, pie charts or even graphs. All points which are discussed in finance thesis are summarized in conclusion part. It is necessary to indicate bibliography page which contains list of materials where information was obtained from. After writing your finance thesis, format it according to instructions given. Finally revise your finance thesis at least twice in order to make necessary corrections.  Ensure that your finance thesis is from grammatical errors and sentences are well structured. After all that, submit your finance thesis to your tutor for mark awarding.

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