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Human Resource Research Proposal Writing

Human resource research proposal addresses a specific subject. Human resource research proposal represents ideas which you want to pursue therefore you are supposed to be creative when writing your research proposal. Use convincing language when writing human resource research proposal in order to convince judges awarding marks that you are capable of carrying a particular research. Your human resource research proposal should be well structured and free from any grammatical error. Human resource knowledge is very essential when writing human resource research proposal. When writing human resource research proposal, you must first choose a topic. Choose a topic which you are interested with. Choose a topic which will link you to many sources of material. Read your topic keenly and come up with purpose of study.  Purpose of study should be well defined as it defines and restricts specific area of study.

Components of human resource research proposal

 Title page: - a title page of human resource research proposal contains researcher’s name, student number and course name.

Introduction: - it stresses the main importance of the proposed research   describe research topic. It is normally summarized in one paragraph.  Introduction part should be very interesting so as to convince a reader to read rest of your human resource research proposal.

Literature review: - it contains literature survey that is to be undertaken and helps you to demarcate your research problem more clearly. It is necessary to mention some of sources which you expect to gather information.

Methodology: - mentions methods which you intend to apply in data collection. You are required to mention both qualitative and quantitative methods.  Indicate the strategies which are to be followed during research. Give reasons why you think a particular methodology is appropriate.

Budget: - estimate budget which is to be used when carrying out research.

Conclusion: - summarizes the whole human resource research proposal.

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