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How to Write Human Resource Thesis

Human resource thesis gives analysis of minimization of financial risk in an organization together with ways of maximizing return on investments in an organization.  In order for you to write a good human resource thesis you are supposed to be well equipped with human resource knowledge.  Thorough research must be carried out when writing human resource thesis.  Human resource thesis is formatted using MLA, APA, Harvard and Turban among other citation styles.  Human resource thesis follows same procedures as other thesis.

Finding a topic for human resource thesis

It is first step when writing human resource thesis.  From the various human resource related topics given to you, choose a topic which you are interested with.  Incase you have problem in selection of topic; it is advisable to contact your supervisor for more details.  Read your chosen topic keenly and formulate thesis statement.

Carrying out of research

 Carry out research from human resource materials in order to obtain relevant information.  Journals, newspapers, magazines and internet are examples of sources where information can be collected from.   You can also consult your classmates for some information.  Enough time should be created in order to gather adequate information.

Writing actual human resource thesis

Sit down and write down your human resource thesis using information gathered during research. Arrange your ideas in an organized way.  Your human resource thesis should have all elements found in any other type of thesis.

Components of human resource thesis

Human resource thesis comprise of six major elements which consecutively follow each other. The information of in these elements support thesis statement which is formulated from topic.  These elements include:-

Introduction part: - it is the first chapter of human resource thesis.  It should be specific and straight to the point. Introduction of human resource thesis should be very creative in order to persuade a reader in reading rest of your thesis.  Note that introduction part of your human resource thesis gives a reader background information of your thesis.

Literature review:-  it is the main part of human resource thesis. It contains supportive information which supports problem of study which is stated in introduction part.  When writing literature review, you are supposed to discuss in details topic of your human resource thesis. Remember to incorporate keywords properly in literature review.

Methodology section:- analyze methods which were used in data collection thoroughly.   Procedures of these methods should be outlined clearly. State reasons why you preferred to use certain methods in data collection also stating impacts of these methods.

Findings and discussion:- results which were obtained after applying a specific method are outlined and discussed in this part. Results are interpreted either by use of graphs, tables or pie charts.

Conclusion:- summarizes the whole human resource thesis.

Reference page:-which gives list of sources where information was gathered from. Names of the materials which were used as sources date of publications and page where information was obtained should be shown in reference page.  References should be arranged using one of the citing styles which may be provided by your supervisor.

Formatting and Proofreading Human Resource Thesis

Format your human resource thesis according to the instructions given.  Familiarize yourself with rules and regulations of each style before formatting your human resource thesis.  Revise your human resource thesis after writing in order to make corrections where necessary.

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