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How to Write Taxation Dissertation

Taxation dissertation is a kind of dissertation which gives details on taxation imposed to tax payers. When writing taxation dissertation you are supposed to have taxation knowledge.  Create enough time when writing taxation dissertation. This is because taxation dissertation takes a minimum of six months before it comes into a completion. Extensive research must be carried out when writing taxation dissertation in order to gather sufficient information. In order to write a good taxation dissertation, you must be familiar with steps followed when writing. There are about seven steps followed when writing taxation dissertation and they include:-

Choice of topic

Choose topic of your interest.  Choose a topic which has a wide range of materials. Selection of a topic determines whether you will be able to continue writing your dissertation or not.

Outlining dissertation plan

Outline plan for your taxation dissertation.  Drawing outline for your taxation dissertation helps you plan well for your taxation dissertation.  It is very advisable to consider factors which may hinder you from completing your dissertation for example time.

Collection of information

Carry out research from relevant sources in order to minimize wastage of time on irrelevant information.  Create much time for researches in order to enable you gather adequate information.  Journals, magazines, newspapers, library books and internet are examples of sources where information can be collected from.   You can also conduct interviews and formulate questioners as ways of gathering information.

Presentation of data

Arrange all the information collected in to a sensible essay.  Start with strongest point going to the weakest point. Each of these points should be supported by relevant examples.

Writing actual dissertation

Your taxation dissertation should have a good flow in order to ease understanding of a reader. Taxation dissertation comprises a number of elements. They include:-

Title page: - your college will give you guidelines on how your title page should look like. In normal situation, dissertation consist of  student’s name, name of institution, supervisor’s name, title of your dissertation, course name, department name and date of submission. 

Abstract: - it is the summary of whole taxation dissertation including findings and conclusion.   These sections are summarized in the order which they follow one another in dissertation. Be very simple and specific when writing abstract of your taxation dissertation.  Although abstract appears as first page of taxation dissertation it is normally written last.

Introduction: - it comprises of one paragraph only. Introduction contains thesis statement which is main argument in whole dissertation. Introduction part also gives background information of dissertation. It should be clear and specific.  Make your introduction part creative and interesting in order to persuade a reader from reading rest of your taxation dissertation.

Literature review: - it gives more information on topic. It gives more details of your dissertation topic.

Methodology: - explains in details the methodology used when carrying out research. Outline procedure to be followed in each method. It also gives reason why certain methodology was preferred and its repercussions.

Findings: - findings which were obtained after applying a particular research method are summarized in this section.  Findings can be presented using graphs, pie charts or even tables.

Conclusion: - all the ideas in dissertation are pulled together in conclusion part.   Ideas are summarized in only one paragraph.

Bibliography page: - it is last page of taxation dissertation which contains list of sources where information was gathered from.  When writing bibliography page indicate name of the author, book, date of publication and page where information was collected.

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