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Taxation is imposing of financial charge upon tax payer by a state where failure to pay one is punished by law.  The tax payer can be an individual or legal entity.  Taxation charges are mainly meant to help the government. Tax can also be imposed by sub-national entities. In economics terms taxes are usually wealth gotten from households and business directed to the government.  Indirect and direct taxes are two types of taxations.  Taxation causes the price received by the seller to be less than of buyer by amount of taxation. Taxation is not voluntary payment or donation but it is enforced contribution which is precisely for the government.  Methods of taxation and government expenditure are discussed in politics and economics.  Scutage, tallage, tithe and tax farming are examples of forms of taxation. Taxes are normally levied as percentages. There are two types of tax rates namely effective and marginal rates.  Marginal rate is rate paid in dollar earned while effective rate is total tax paid divided by total amount the tax is paid on.  Property taxes may be imposed on immovable and some movable properties.

Purposes of Taxation

There are many uses of money which is collected through taxation. First, they are used in enforcement of law and public order, used in economic infrastructure and also it is used in expenditure of war.  Taxation money is also used by government in funding welfare and also public services. It is also used to pay state debts.  In general taxation has four main purposes which include revenue, redistribution, repricing and finally representation.

Taxation History

The first taxation system was experienced in Ancient Egypt. This was in the first reign of old kingdom around 3000-2800 BC.  At around 500BC a sustainable tax system was regulated by Persian Empire.  Persian system was tailored to each satrapy.  In 17th century in places like France and Netherlands taxations had reached 15- 20%. In Britain rate of taxation became was higher than France years before French revolution.

Taxes On Income

There are three kinds of income taxes:-

    1. Income tax- tax imposed on net profits from businesses and also net gains. Accounting principle which modifies tax principle can be used in computation.   There is personal income tax which is collected as pay- as- you -earn.
    2. Capital gains tax- capital gains are mainly treated as income subject to tax by jurisdictions which impose income tax.
    3. Corporate tax- refers to taxes which are imposed by corporations like net worth and capital.

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